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Preparing your Property for Sale

Selling your home doesn’t need to be stressful, with the right advice and good planning, you can get your property sale ready, without it taking up all your time or costing you a fortune.

Here are some handy tips that will have your home sale ready;

  1. Remove the Clutter 

It’s only when you move house that you realise how much “stuff” you have. The first step in preparing your house for sale, should be to go through each room and remove everything you don’t need. Not only will this help make your property look neater and the rooms bigger, but it will also make packing easier.

2. Repair & Restore 

Improve the overall appeal of the property, time and money should be invested in repairs and minor improvements such as new paint or improving the front entry.

3. Create indoor/outdoor flow

Open-plan indoor spaces that effortlessly flow outdoors are ideal, creating an inviting atmosphere.

4. Break out the paint

Neutral colours with accessories for colour highlights can help liven up a dated interior.

5. Spruce up the kitchen and bathroom

Every agent will tell you these are the two rooms that will sell a property. New paint and resurfacing can deliver overnight transformation, particularly if you don’t have the time or finances for a full renovation.

6. Maximise natural light

No one likes living in darkness or having to leave the lights on during the day. Using mirrors, trimming branches and changing window dressings are all ways to increase the amount of natural light into the interior.

7. Improve the overall lighting

Artificial lighting can greatly influence the mood and tone of the room. Smart feature lighting and practical lighting in places like kitchens and bathrooms can really add a wow factor to the overall property.

8. Tackle the floors

A dated or unclean floor can really let the whole place down. Steam cleaning carpets and industrial cleaning tiles are all necessary minimums that have to be considered.

9. Staged Furniture

If you don’t have the eye-catching furniture, hire some items, this will give buyers a visual of how they too can set up the home.

10. The eyes have it

Finally, imagine you are seeing your own property for the first time. Invite a friend for a second opinion and be sure to pay attention to minor details like straightening cushions, packing away personalised items and making sure that every surface is clear of clutter.