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Women in Real Estate – Rewriting the script when it comes to “our place”.

Driven to achieve financial independence and professional success, a wave of societal change is well underway for women as investors, homeowners, and real estate agents alike. 

Rewind the clock to the 1970s, when women were excluded from property ownership on the basis of the beliefs of that era. Financial institutions pegged women as homemakers and “dependants”, women could not obtain home loans in their own name.

Fast forward to 2024, these beliefs, societal norms, and systemic practices seem nothing short of farcical to the contemporary woman. Our team at Ray White The Woollahra Group service  Elizabeth Bay, Potts Point, Woollahra and Paddington, a high proportion of our clients are women. Women who are independent, financially literate, assertive, and commercially savvy.      

We are increasingly finding that our clients purposefully choose to work with a female agent who can support them in navigating the intricacies of real estate transactions. Our team is well positioned to complement our client’s needs, with around half of our sales and property management team being women. They are trusted to “get the job done” and bring empathy, problem-solving, and compassion to the process. Drawing from shared life experiences and with an understanding of the nuances, and trials that come with these, there’s an unspoken knowing between women that often expands beyond professional boundaries.

Elizabeth Bay specialist and Sales Agent Renee Cross and her team at Ray White The Woollahra Group sell a high volume of properties to female investors and homeowners. She has personally witnessed how the shift towards financial independence for women has impacted their decision-making. “I’ve worked with women from 24 to 60 years old who have shown a noticeable mindset shift when they have control of their finances. They have more options and become more confident when they realise they’re in charge of their financial future. Many are planning ahead and setting themselves up to be strong, educated and self-sufficient.”

Danielle Pritchard, Business Development Manager at The Woollahra Group, has seen notable trends in the preferences of female clients gravitating in her direction.  “I’ve found many of my female investors want to connect more on an emotional level, looking to start the professional relationship from a foundation of trust, and build on that knowing that the attention to detail, and service will also be there. Our team of Property Managers tend to come from a background in administration, event planning and other careers where they’ve needed to multi-task, problem-solve, think efficiently and act swiftly. A great match for our time poor investment clients.” 

Across the inner eastern fringes of the Sydney property market in which we operate, our female clients are eclectic, each with their own unique story and situation. They’re a mix of financially independent women, single mums, divorcees, same-sex couples, and widows. We are honoured to serve the women in our community.

What do the statistics tell us?

The good news is that women are fast making up for lost time since the 1970s. In 2023, The Australian Financial Review reported that since 2018, the proportion of single female mortgage applications increased by 4% to 53%.

Furthermore,CoreLogic’s Women & Property Report 2023 outlined that the number of women purchasing property increased by 27.4% from 2020 to 28.3% in 2021. It also revealed that women own 29.5% of investment properties, compared to 36.3% owned by men during the same period. The numbers are stacking up. The emergence of the financially independent and confident woman is here to stay.

The shadow side

But let’s be real: for women who are looking to get onto the property ladder many issues still exist. The continued overrepresentation of women in casual and part-time work, whether by choice or out of necessity, means a continued barrier to being well-positioned to save for a sufficient deposit and qualify for loans.

The good news is that there is now a spotlight on these “shadow issues.” An increasing number of specific initiatives now exist to address the financial and social challenges faced by women regarding home homeownership. These include lenders offering products specifically tailored to women’s needs, such as lower deposit requirements, and income recognition initiatives. One example is the Family Home Guarantee, initiated by the National Housing Finance and Investment Corporation (NHFIC) which allows single parents to purchase a home with as little as a 2% deposit without paying Lenders Mortgage Insurance (LMI). Meanwhile,Mortgages for Womenis an obligation-free, personalised service designed to meet the specific financial needs of women and their families.

The positive changes in our social fabric are attributed to the efforts of both women and men spanning multiple generations, and they are multi-layered. We are seeing the impacts of conscious change through the ever-increasing representation of women at the most senior levels in media, finance, and politics as advocates, lobbyists, and change-makers through policy, and law. The evidence of their efforts can be seen in the statistics showing a consistent increase of women owning and investing in the Australian Property Market.

Leading Ladies ofReal Estate

Women in key leadership roles are also taking action. In 2022, Bridgette Collis, Ray White General Manager NSW, along with a group of like-minded industry professionals decided to build a supportive community that inspires other women to chase their potential, both personally and professionally, by sharing their stories and supporting each other. Leading Ladies of Real Estate primarily focuses on empowerment, career advancement, and leadership opportunities for women in real estate. 

“When I joined Ray White, I felt there was a real demand for the women in our industry to come together. That’s where the idea of Leading Ladies started. It’s an opportunity to unite like-minded women to share and connect across the industry.”

To date, thousands of women across the industry have attended in-person and virtual networking events around the country and consumed the inspirational content via thepodcast of the same name.

What do women really want?

What truly motivates women to invest, buy, sell, or build a career in real estate? The answer is as diverse as the women themselves. While financial independence and investment opportunities certainly play a role, the motivations go deeper.

Women in real estate are savvy and driven, often motivated by more than just financial gains. They are invested in building long-lasting, meaningful connections, a testament to their long and successful careers.

Financial independence and security are also significant factors. With the gender gap improving and more equal opportunities for higher-paying leadership roles, women now see that their financial independence and security are achievable. For many, real estate, both as a career and an investment vehicle, is a pathway to economic empowerment, providing a stable future, with or without a partner.

The desire for women to make an impact and be empowered is also a driving factor. Through savvy property investments, facilitating successful real estate transactions, or building a career that breaks gender norms, women see real estate as a space to positively influence others, be empowered, and control their personal and professional environments.

Another of our Sales Agents Stacey Leonie, at Ray White The Woollahra Group, observes that she has witnessed positive changes from a time when women were subjected to bias and had no voice. Now, women are well-positioned and actively finding their place on the property ladder. “I’ll never forget when I sold a studio apartment to a young single female first-home buyer.  I related so much to her story and took her under my wing. We had a mutual bond. She had no family support and next to no idea what she was doing. I helped her navigate the buying process, which was very satisfying as she essentially did it alone.”

A clear social and economic change is gaining momentum, and we are proud to be a part of it at Ray White The Woollahra Group.

Our advice for women looking to invest, buy, sell, or build a career in the real estate or Property industry is simple: back yourself and be like Barbie, refuse to “get back in that box.” 

GET IN TOUCH. In celebration of International Women’s Day 2024, we put together a  financial literacy resource kit for our team at Ray White, The Woollahra Group. To receive your complimentary copy, or to join our financial wellbeing workshop in April please send us an email at

*Disclaimer: This article is not financial advice.